Phyllis Memorial Children's Home!

Phyllis Memorial children's home-A NON GORVEMENTAL ORGANIZATION committed to support and provide basic needs to the needy,


On the 12th of December 1999 Jacinta Njoroge and her nine year old daughter Lotta visited her friend who was working in the hospital. She walking to the friend, they saw a boy who seemed to be living at the hospital. He didn't look sick, only lonely and sad and this confused Jacinta.

I asked my friend and she told me that the boy's parents died of AIDS. He had no relatives, so the hospital gave him food and a bed to sleep in. "It broke my heart and I felt strongly for the boy." Jacinta got overwhelmed by feelings and started to cry, but then Lotta said, "stop crying mama, do something to help him instead".

Jacinta agreed, but what? To bring him to Sweden would of course not be possible. Then Lotta said: "no, but you can build them a house" "I didn't decide it right then, but I knew I really wanted to help the boy and others in the same situation."

Orphans in Kenya are at the bottom of the society and there are so many young parents who die of AIDS. Relatives don't want to help them. Jacinta worked during that time as a nurse in Stockholm. She engaged friends and colleagues and she inherited a plot of land from her late mother. She could start building the children's home.

In the year 2000, the children's home was born and she named it after her late mother, Phyllis Wambui hence the name Phyllis Memorial children's Home. It was started with 8 children whereby she built a mud house which consisted 3 rooms, that is 2 dormitories for boys and girls and in between was a dining hall. Behind that house was a room for the staff members who were taking care of the children. They came from a different background. Some lost their parents, neglected, abandoned, and others were beaten up by their relatives.

She decided to provide food, clothes, shelter, and health care and enrolled them in school. Thus they felt they were secured and used to live in a warm and loving environment. By that time Jacinta had grown vegetables, kept animals, in order to sustain the vulnerable children.


Her children used to go to Kampi Ya Moto Primary school which was 3km away from the memorial. Then later, Phyllis Wambui Memorial Academy was established into 2006. It was a relief for the children who no longer had to walk for 2hrs every day to get to school.


Both dorms for the girls and boys were established in the year 2005 and 2009 respectively.


In the year 2008, the institution built a new dining hall with kitchen and underground tank in the dining hall that hold 1.2Million liters of water.


We have new projects like fish pond, green house water kiosk pig farming and rearing of chicken Last Year 2017 we launched our biogas project it helps us greatly.

we have plans of building a complete computer Laboratory and a full secondary school. One of our major upcoming project is the SOLAR ENERGY you can perticipate by Donating to us

The home accommodates 89 children, 42 boys and 45 girls. They are given care, love and support by all members of the institution. Currently the children are in different levels of education in Nursery, primary, secondary, polytechnic, college and university.

They are studying in the following institutions;

1. Phyllis memorial Academy
2. Solai Boys
3. Mama Ngina Kenyatta
4. AIC Morop Girls Secondary
5. Kirobon Boys
6. Kirobon Girls
7. Jomo Kenyatta Sec
8. Kampi ya moto Sec
9. Kipsyenan Sec
10. M-pesa Foundation academy
11. Various Colleges
12. Various Universities
13.Various Polytechnics

The center of the village is located four kilometers from the children's home and this is where minor errands are made.


More about us


To provide a home to orphaned children aged between three years and 18 both boys and girls.

Why Phyllis Memorial?

Serene learning and home environment
The Best Christian Value






  • Transportation facility
  • Hostel fo both girls and boys
  • Day boarding facilities for describing students
  • Education tours/ Excursions
  • Computer lab
  • Stationary to junior students
  • Scholarship
  • Pig farming
  • biogas
  • our guest house


Rules on admision


Children admitted to  the home should come from the following bacgrounds;

  1. Have no parents at all
  2. Have either  parent but cannot support them
  3.  Violence can also be a factor

A personal way to support Phyllis Wambui Memorial Children's Home!

You have the opportunity to become a sponsor of one or more of the children at the Phyllis Memorial Children's Home. The fathership is personal and by correspondence, contact with the children's home representatives and annual updates, you have the opportunity to follow your foster child and see for yourself that your contribution reaches and results. You become an important person and will greatly affect one of the children's future and the the whole Phyllis Memorial Children's home. Take the opportunity and help us create a safe and good future for these children by Donating to us.

As a donor, you get a picture of your foster child and information about them. You will also learn more about the activities at the home. You can exchange letters with your child and, if you wish, travel and greet to see how he or she is in place - something that can be an overwhelming experience for the whole family. The entire sponsorship grant goes to Phyllis Memorial, who is responsible for ensuring that your child is healthy and has everything he or she needs, both at school and at home.

We like to see the commitment to be long-term. Ideally, the child should be able to handle himself before the paternity ends, but this is difficult to promise. We prefer that a sponsorship take place for at least one year, when the children's home will calculate your sponsorship when we make the annual budget. If for some reason the sponsorship would like to be canceled, therefore, this should be announced in good time. Mail jecinta.njoroge@gmail.com for questions and registration.

  Home Sponsorship

There is also the possibility of becoming a childrens father, ie fathers for the entire children's home, instead of a specific child. As a child's guardian you decide what amount you want to pay, but at least $100 a month. Registration and questions are sent to phyllismemorialchome@gmail.com

Currently We receive donations from: